I Will Not Vote for Justin Shields

JOHN KERRY COOLS DOWN CEDAR RAPIDS: Not that John Kerry waving corn or President Bush smacking into a raw ear of corn at all relates to this post's subject matter--but, I have that power.

Dang, every time we give a senator or congressman a recess or break they undoubtedly molest some poor, innocent community with high-minded rhetoric...or campaign for a city council candidate.

After further eroding the judicial confirmation process in America, John Kerry made full use of his Columbus Day sabbatical by swinging by good old Cedar Rapids to stump for Justin Shields. According to Shields:
"I am so proud to have Senator Kerry for my friend and I think it's a very positive thing for Cedar Rapids."

Hmmm...as a lifelong Cedar Rapidian, I can think of a lot of good things for Cedar Rapids, Justin...a new monkey exhibit in Beaver Park, maybe the introduction of a White Castle or Popeye's to town, the rejuvenation of Westdale Mall, but definitely not your friendship with a Massachusetts senator with no constituency obligations.

But, I guess it's a good thing that liberal senators are interested in municipal elections. Hey, maybe they can find a way to federalize them to provide subsidies and implement an election welfare system?

Hey John, school board elections are next November.

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