Pretty in Pink

MAJOR CONTROVERSY COMES IN ALL COLORS: As if Iowa Football didn't suck enough lately, now some feminist is raising cane. I'm sorry, a law school professor is troubled by Kinnick's interior decorating...and has received death threats.

Just like neon, leggings and Bon Jovi--you know, all the unjust things in life--it began in the '80s. Under the stewardship of beloved former coach Hayden Fry, the opposition locker room at Kinnick Stadium was painted pink.


The color that made Molly Ringwald look "pretty" and became Elle Woods's signature is now applicable to Iowa Football. Or, I suppose it has been for awhile--it's just that no one really cared that a game played by exerting brute force (and let's admit, is kinda gay by nature...look piles of guys, ass-slapping, 2+2=4, okay?) would draw controversy over pink locker rooms.

I want someone to start picketing over the fact we lost to Iowa State! That's more outrageous and demeaning toward University of Iowa women than a pink locker room! Maybe we could rally at the Pentacrest to find a hotter quarterback? Perhaps Student Government could pass legislation to encourage the movement of the student section back to the 50 yard line?

All great causes to protest over. Waaay better than the School of Americas or pink locker rooms.

Pick your battles University of Iowa feminists, I mean, professors. Maybe Iowa isn't an environment where you can spoon feed your liberal tripe to students anymore. Who am I kidding? Just try to pick vulnerable undergrads who do not wish to one day suit people.

Pink is hot and here to stay, particularly pink that is ordained by Hayden Fry.

Check out a counter opinion at the DI.

I've read that the interiors of some prisons are painted pink for the same reason (to depress aggressive behavior). But if pink really is sexist and homophobic, what does it say about this guy?

Prof. Buzuvis' criticism of Fry's decorating is no less ridiculous than what Jerry Falwall suggested about a certain purple Teletubby. Nice company the professor has chosen for herself, isn't it?

Off Topic: Laura, I see that you worked on Senator Larson's campaign. Chuck and I graduated high school together, though I haven't seen him since the 10-year reunion.
Seems like Erin Buzuvis could use ALOT of coats of PINK surrounding her to CALM her down! Get a life Erin, chill out!
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