Oh George!

EVERYONE'S FAVORITE ANGRY BRITISH DUDE: And you thought that guy from Hell's Kitchen was belligerently disgruntled...

No, George Galloway--the Labour Party's castoff representative--was, sadly, admitted into the US last week to debate columnist Christopher Hitchens. Mr. Hitchens had a quite a bit to say about Mr. Galloway prior to the debate.

Point--Christopher Hitchens:
"I think that's an approves thing to say but I will have to add for people to start pumping out propaganda before the bodies have even been uncovered in New Orleans staying and to make points, demagogues of, and saying they wouldn't be dead if they weren't black. People haven't been identified yet. Whose parents don't know where they are, and to say this wouldn't have happened if we weren't wasting money on Arabs? That, that is an appeal to the most base, provincial, isolationism, and chauvinist mentality."

Crazypoint--George Galloway:
"Blah, blah, blah...You know, Hitchens, you're a court jester. You're a court jester, not at Camelot, like other ridiculous former liberals before you, but at the court of the Bourbon Bushes. Barbara Bush, the Marie Antoinette of modern day American politics."

Apparently, they don't like one another...Check out a rousing commentary of the debate in the British press.

What about Barbara Bush-- what about Barbara Bush, who took a look at the poor, huddled masses in the Astrodome and told us they never had it so good? Who told us they were better off than they had ever been, underprivileged people, now in an Astrodome, the only problem, with whom, she said, was that so many of them wanted to stay in Texas.

-George Galloway, a few senences before what you call his "crazypoint"
At first glance I thought that was Dennis Franz.
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