I KID YOU NOT: Taken directly from Breitbach.com--top stories apparently include Tyra Banks's real breasts and Senator Leahy's support for Supreme Court nominee John Roberts. Clearly, one is more important than the other.

HINT: Note the order.



Tyra Banks Proves Breasts Are Real on TV Sep 21 2:09 PM US/Eastern AP
Car Strikes Pedestrians on Las Vegas Strip Sep 21 9:14 PM US/Eastern AP
Crippled Jet Lands Safely at L.A. Airport Sep 21 9:24 PM US/Eastern AP
N. Korea Accuses U.S. of Plotting Attack Sep 21 3:09 PM US/Eastern AP
Women's Hands Cleaner Than Men, Study Says Sep 21 2:40 PM US/Eastern AP
Scientists: Cut Air Travel for Environment Sep 21 8:22 AM US/Eastern AP
Pentagon Nixes 9/11 Hearing Testimony Sep 21 9:00 AM US/Eastern AP
Bush Administration Touts Rita Readiness Sep 21 4:18 PM US/Eastern AP
Leahy to Back Roberts for Chief Justice Sep 21 11:27 AM US/Eastern AP
Oil Prices Surge As Hurricane Rita Nears Sep 21 4:02 PM US/Eastern AP

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