HIGH FASHION: Anyone who enjoys affordable, stylish clothing must love H&M--I think it might even be a law in some states, say Illinois, though not so much Wyoming...something about a lack of plaid...

Anywho, the European line was intending to launch a new line by Stella McCartney plastering the face of Kate Moss all over billboards. Thankfully, there still is proof that standards and good behavior matter, since Ms. Moss was recently kicked to the curb due to a series of drug allegations.

More suprisingly, first the younger McCartney experimented with Adidas (because I really need to pay more for workout pants), now H&M. Not that designing for a line slightly classier and higher priced than Target brands is a negative thing, maybe just an interesting signal of the profitability of her own high-end line...or perhaps just a clever brand extension?

Huh. Back to worrying about politics.

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