Brainwashing In Academe: The Resident Assistant’s Tale

AND WE THOUGHT DAVID BLAINE WAS GOOD: No silly, he just hangs perilously above London in a glass box!

However, it seems that many colleges are doing the brainwashing--as opposed to career magicians (but shoot, with magic like Blaine's, colleges may be filling a market need)--with high-minded emphasis on tolerance and diversity screaming platitudes everywhere from the jargon on campus to long-term strategic plans.

Now don't get the jist of this rant wrong. Diversity and tolerance are both important and necessary aspects of society that should be hammered into the minds of all citizens--but to a point. There should be an implementation beyond just forcing the student body to conform to one-size fits all policies.

Indoctrination is a step too far, as is forced "acceptance" of values that cut across the fabric of society. People should be accepted as they are, not with an asterisk behind their name if they fit into a special interest group of "oppressed" or "disadvantaged" individuals. I may be as high-minded as the general university policy I criticize, but in my view the ultimate goal of a functioning society shouldn't be a series of exceptions or special treatment for any group.

A former colleague at Heritage Foundation, does a great job a pointing this out on a recent post explaining the perils of political correctness in academia. Ms. Kerry (her cheeky alias) provides an insightful commentary on the mix of religion, tolerance and university policy in America. Take a look at it on VDARE.com.

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