SIGNING OFF: I've contacted Laura to let her know, and am now posting for you readers out there, that I'm no longer going to be posting on Hawkeye Republican, save for perhaps a few guest posts. I restarted the blog this summer in hopes of making it a forum for different Republicans to post. Invited a few people, but it never reached the level I wanted. As such, I've decided to end the blogging. Laura may continue it on her own. If so, I'll definitely read her posts regularly!


Ok, so what's the deal?

Someone take their ball and go home? What's the real reason you guys wadded up a good thing and tossed it away?

Blog didn't live up to your expectations? Cry me a river and lower your expectations.

Someone called the baby ugly? Grow a thicker skin.

If this is how easily you guys fold at the slightest whiff of adversity, then you are going to have a bitter, ugly life upon which to look back. Suck it up, snap out of it, get tough and get going. For Mom, apple pie, the good of the country, our soldiers in harm's way, and yes - even the good ol' U of I, get back out there and blog!

'Nuff said.
I think Buster needs to get a life.
Let's see... Someone up at nearly midnight with nothing better to do than surf the internet and criticize humble, lovable ol' me.

Hmmmm . . .

Kettle, meet Adam. Adam, Kettle.
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