MOVE TO CANADA: Well, apparently Democrats DIDN'T after the 2004 Election. Despite vows from liberals that they would hunker down in the land of hockey, snow and socialism if Bush won, the number of Americans applying to move to Canada actually fell. I was so hoping for one less Baldwin...

that is unfortunate since Canadians are such welcoming people, it is interesting that Canada is seeking new immigrants to make it a better country while the US is trying to create a police state within a fortress within a moat
Witness the pathetically ignorant. Police state indeed. One finds when people make such outlandish claims they have never actually witnessed anything close to the conditions they purport. North Korea - now there is a police state. Cuba. Some parts of Russia to this day. Go visit a true police state, then get back to us on how "evil" is the USA.

In short, grow up, get a job, live a real life then get back to us.
"One less Baldwin"? Aren't there many of them?

Great site. Learned about you at Independent Sources Non-Exodus Roundup
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