The Hill is BEAUTIFUL!

JOHN THUNE, THAT'S HOT: They seriously must be joking...The Hill recently announced "The 50 Most Beautiful" on Capitol Hill.

This must be a horrible, horrible lie perpetuated by some sort of alliance between the right and left-wing conspiracies...

Barak Obama is the second hottest--um, hem--I mean, "beautiful" person on Capitol Hill? For chrissakes, even Oregon's Republican Senator Gordon Smith made the list! Sure, he looks distinguished with his silver-tipped hair and all, but really?!?!?!

It's like living in some kind of parallel universe where the debate team from my high school went back in time and took over the world! Just in case you really need a booster of self-confidence, check out Iowa's own Cory Crowley...

I am officially disillusioned with life right now.

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