Craziest Politician of the Week--English Edition

Can you guess which one is George?

SORRY TED, MAYBE NEXT WEEK: ACROSS THE POND, while police with heavy-calibre weapons were deployed in Scotland's main railway stations to protect against potential terrorist threats, everyone’s favourite MP was at it again.

You may not have heard of Glasgow’s own George Galloway. (NOTE: Glasgow no longer claims him; since May’s elections East London—here’s lookin’ at you, you silly borderline socialists—has had this prestigious honour.) This striking young lad has made it his personal mission in life to be really, really annoying. I’m not just talkin’ “let’s hold a Congressional investigation” annoying, I’m talkin’ ”I got kicked out of the Labour Party because of my theatrics” annoying. And that's annoying.

Prior to the war in Iraq, Galloway sat down with good ‘ol Saddam to talk oppression--of course how the West has oppressed the Middle East, not like say, the gassing of Kurds...because that’s just common sense, right? Recently, this “maverick” (which is apparently Scottish for idiot) went before a Senate sub-committee investigation **kudos, George--reached new heights of annoyance!** to comment on allegations that he had profited from the Iraqi Oil for Food Program. And then, of course, while Tony and George were up in Gleneagles trying to start the reparations--sorry, I mean aid--to Africa, Galloway claimed that the insidious notion of striking billions of dollars of debt and dumping billions of dollars of aid into Africa was reprehensible...because the UK and US were trying to cover-up the failure in Afghanistan and Iraq...huh? I think someone wants a little Bono time...

Well today, the esteemed Mr. Galloway further commented on the London bombings and subsequent terror crackdowns. Making an analogy he said:
"If I say a car has four wheels and the Ford Motor Company say it has four wheels, that doesn't make me part of the Ford Motor Company."

Uh, does it make you want to buy a Ford? Oh, I see, it just makes you a savvy commentator on subjugated peoples? Right, right…I got it…

But the real reason why George Galloway really deserves the title of “Craziest Politician of the Week” is this terrific comment regarding the London bombings. It’s not that he’s “defending” the London “bombers,” it’s just that, well, he understands:
"If it is a a question of quantum, there is far more blood on the hands of George Bush and Tony Blair than there is on the hands of the murderers who killed those people in London.”

Congratulations Mr. Galloway, it's that type of mentality that justifies terrorist attacks.

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