STAY, REHNQUIST, STAY: It's only been a week since Sandra Day O'Connor's announced retirement, but now it looks like we'll have two vacancies on the Supreme Court.

Here's hoping that Rehnquist sticks around for a while. With two vacancies on the Court, especially one being vacated by a "conservative" and the other by the "swing vote" (highly political terms for a Court that should be above politics), we would suddenly hear the likes of Harry Reid, Joe Biden, and Hillary Clinton play King Solomon and urge President Bush to split the difference down the middle. Suddenly, the talk would be of a compromise of one left-leaning justice and one right-leaning justice. Hearing that from the Democratic senators and from the media would not worry me - that's to be expected from them. What worries me would be when the self-indulgent Republican moderates would join the chorus. John McCain and John Warner wouldn't (and couldn't) avoid the opportunity to act as if they're above the partisan politics and join the Dems on this one.

"SAVED," Robert Byrd would declare repeatedly as McCain and Warner cave to the Dems and the Washington Establishment.

All this is moot, though. William Rehnquist is not the kind of guy who would let political games influence the Supreme Court and his retirement. Unlike Harry Blackmun.

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