SNAP: So you're a guest on Hannity and Colmes with the opportunity to promote your website. Pretty great, right? One host will argue with you, the other will defend you, your website will see much heavier traffic, and Grandma can watch her beloved grandchild on the TV.

Not if you're this guy. Look, you know it's bad when both Hannity and Colmes are insulting you. Even worse, he's ashamed his own grandma.

This video reminds me of the other classic TV clip from primetime cable news rants - er, primetime cable news shows - when Lawrence O'Donnell subtly called John O'Neil a filthy liar. And by "subtly," I mean explicitly calling him a liar no fewer than fifty times in two minutes. I need to find that clip again. Watching it got me through the final two months of Con Law, Stats, and Ethics last fall.

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