SLOW NEWS: You know the news is slow when the two stories making the most headlines are 1) A story of a White House advisor in hot water that is making hardly a ripple outside the Beltway, and 2) The news that there's not going to be any news of a Rehnquist retirement anytime soon (Aside: Isn't it a tad ghoulish the way the media camp out outside Rehnquist's home, and as soon as he goes to the hospital they start talking retirement? Why don't the media just offer him a letter on their behalf asking him to die? Seriously, imagine being Rehnquist's grandchild: You turn on the news, and everyone's talking about what will happen as soon as gramps kicks it).

But even if the news is slow, that doesn't mean the TV is slow. Quickly becoming a favorite of this guy is Cheaters. If you haven't seen it, it's this excellent show in which investigators follow a boyfriend/girlfriend and videotape his/her cheating, show it to the cheated partner, then convince the cheated one to confront the cheater on-camera before the cheated one has a chance to cool down. Makes for great drama! Tonight alone, a man got slammed onto a car hood, a Mexican restaurant became a riot zone, and a Domino's pizza man got caught in the crosshairs between the cheated one, and the guilty third party, who was pantless at the time of the encounter.

And ladies, once you've watched Cheaters, heed my advice: Avoid that jerk host Joey Greco. You KNOW he'll ruin you if you cheat on him.

I must confess: Cheaters is a guilty pleasure for me. For the time it's on, you know exactly what you're gonna get. It's like Springer before that show got REALLY freaky.
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