MY THOUGHTS: In defense of his often mangled use of the English language, President Bush once remarked to reporters, "But my critics don't realize I don't make verbal gaffes. I'm speaking in the perfect forms and rhythms of ancient Haiku."

Given Bush's recent Supreme Court nominee, I'm partial to believe him.

Talk about brilliance. With all of the buzz in Washington that Bush would seek to appoint some hardline Jance Rogers Brown-type or go for some softie to appease the savage liberal beast, he goes and plucks a recently appointed appeals court judge from obscurity. No long record (but excellent credentials), hopefully no chance to "bork" the poor man. Emphasis on the word hopefully...

This guy seems to have it all- good looks, an utterly adorable family (though I fear the dramatics of Ted Kennedy may turn the fact that all the names of Judge Roberts' immediate family members starts with a "j" into some kind of right-wing conspiracy), and as mentioned above, excellent credentials. I could be wrong, but with Bush's often underestimated savvy, we should be on the right track.

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