HOME RUN: President Bush hit a home run with the nomination of John Roberts. He's a highly experienced man, having argued before the High Court thirty-nine times and having worked on the DC Circuit. He's a Harvard Law grad and a former Rehnquist clerk. Practically speaking, perhaps his greatest asset is the thin paper trail that Democrats will not be able to use against him.

He's a far better choice than Edith Clement, who for most of today was conventional wisdom's choice. A stealth choice, unknown to most, and the first appointee to the Supreme Court by a President Bush, she screamed David Souter.

I most look forward to seeing how Robert Byrd, Maria Cantwell, Kent Conrad, Bill Nelson, Ben Nelson, and Debbie Stabenow - all Democrats up for reelection either facing a tough opponent or coming from a red state or both - will vote on John Roberts.

Any thoughts, Mark, Barry, and Laura?

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