GETTING IT RIGHT: It may not have the readership of USA Today or the New York Times, nor the clout of the Wall Street Journal or the Washington Post, but the Manchester Union Leader editorial board writes some of the finest op-eds in journalism. It's back at it with its Tuesday editorial.

I have not been kind to Tim Russert lately. It's not him per se, he's just emblematic of the inside-the-beltway media pundits. However, I've got to take another swipe at him on this one. On this past Sunday's Meet the Press, he asked every single guest - including Orrin Hatch and Chucky Schumer, who were on to discuss judicial nominees - if the government will increase funding for mass transit security.

While it's important to look into mass transit security, it's not the only place where terrorists may attack. They will find our weaknesses and attack accordingly. As such, it's necessary that our government not simply throw money at mass transit security and wait for the media to shower them with praise, but rather to also explore our other weaknesses and work to improve them.

After all, had terrorists not attacked London's mass transit, and rather set off a dirty bomb in London, would Tim Russert (and the others) give two-rips about mass transit security?

Lastly, I'm thrilled to see the Union Leader give some love to Judd Gregg. A fiscally responsible conservative from New England, he's one of our finest in the senate.

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