Okay, well maybe not ever, but with our 1st in the nation caucus, recent ranking by CNN and metal tree, what more could anyone want? That was a rhetorical question.

In June, Foreign Direct Investment of the Financial Times ranked Iowa as the state of the future. Now that's pretty exciting for the land of corn and home of the world's largest cereal factory.

For more reasons to think Iowa is great, specifically Cedar Rapids, check out facts collected by the Iowa City Area Development Group.

Well, it's the Mid-West state of the future. You still have to compete with Texas (West), New York (East), and Florida (South-East).

And when you consider that the next President will be a New Yorker, I think the Empire State is tough to beat, you sucka MCs.
You're really that confident that Pataki's going to be the next president?
first comments ever...
I repect your views...well no, actually, not really. Iowa is the best state in the world! Iowa's so good, it doesn't even need to have a president!
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