WE'RE BACK: HawkeyeRepublican took a break from the blogging world for quite a while. Due to the stresses of classes and everything else going on, I took a break from the page and never got back into it.

Those days are over, and it looks like HawkeyeRepublican is making a comeback. Except this time, there are more people on the page. Now, fellow Hawkeyes and Republicans Barry Pump, Mark Simons, and Laura Westercamp will be blogging on the page, and more Hawkeye Republicans may join in the forum. Expect many changes to the site in the near future to reflect the new look. Personally, I hope it will resemble the National Review's Corner

The Gitmo debate (including Dick Durbin's recent rant), John Bolton, the filibuster, impending Supreme Court vacancies, and more - this site should be the source of interesting debate and discussion! Keep checking back for updates!

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