UN Comments...

Overall, I think Leach is still an asset to the party even in spite of his shaky voting record.
I'm going to write a column on this, so you can check it out on Thursday. I don't think you'll disagree with much of it, Kevin.

As for Barry, you were going well until your final paragraph.

With the UN's current mentality, I think assuming it can reform itself without a little tough love from the U.S. is not real credible. Every reasonable person believes that the UN's fundamental purpose is important. However, I don't think any reasonable person can say its been effective in confronting security threats around the world. I also don't think that taxpayers should continually be asked to subsidize an organization on our soil that has shown itself to be systematically work against our interests. I think your analogy would be more on the mark if it read something like the following: After having our ball continually misused by others, after having the rules continuously rigged against us by our own teammates and opponents, after having the umpire not enforce the rules of the game...then we take our ball and go home.

Don't get me wrong, I don't support getting out of the UN, or shutting it down. All I want is some accountability and if that means a little less money, then so be it. It should also be mentioned that money is not the issue, but rather political courage. How would more money have prevented the oil-for-food scandal? How would more money cause the UN Security council to enforce its resolutions? Too many people get the mentality that more money will always solve problems and tend to dismiss the functional and systematic shortcomings within an organization.

A few more points...

It's not right to assume that if the U.S. would just become a "model citizen" in the UN it would somehow send this wonderful message causing it to reform itself. If the U.S. didn't invade Iraq, how would that have influenced Libya or Sudan's status on the HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL? How would ratifying the Kyoto Treaty have prevented the oil-for-food scandal? You think countries in the General Assembly weren't systematically working against our interests (and thus the original intent of the UN) before we invaded Iraq? Come On!

You also say use the phrase "going to war for what turned out to be no reason at all." Are you serious about that statement? No reason at all? What speeches have you been listening to for the past two years? You may disagree with the war, but saying it had no purpose is utterly ridiculous and misinformed.

And with respect to Iraq, it should be noted that the U.S. simply carried out the consequences of Resolution 1441 that was passed 15-0 by the UN Security Council. If anything, US action in Iraq should have strengthened the UN's credibility. Resolution 1441 required Saddam to comply with weapon's inspectors. He didn't for the most part! So, what were we to do? Allow the 17th UN resolution condemning Saddam Hussein to go by with no accountability thereby making the UN's word seem even less credible? Or, act on the "serious consequences" that were laid out in the resolution?

The bottom line is that France and Germany were never going to support us. The left's been quick to take issue with the political motives of President Bush, but they never want to talk about the domestic politics in other countries that were shaping the amount of foreign support we had for the war.

That's it for now!

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