PREDICTIONS, ANYONE?: Barry, Laura, and Mark, I'm curious to hear your predictions on the Supreme Court's upcoming ruling on the Ten Commandments in public places. Will Anthony Kennedy continue his leftward trend, or does he throw a bone to the conservatives on this one? I'm going with the former: I envision another 5-4 decision on this one, with Stevens writing the opinion. Scalia should have a scathing dissent!

While I'm on the topic of Kennedy, I wish the media would stop the practice of calling him "a Reagan appointee" in every news story on the Supreme Court. It's obviously their way of implicitly labeling him a conservative and thereby branding his critics on the right as ultra-conservatives.

Lastly, Laura, I'm jealous of your meeting Thomas' clerks. EXTREMELY jealous.

Postscript: Justice Kennedy, after all, wrote the opinion in Lee v. Weisman, which ruled clergy offering prayers at graduation ceremonies unconstitutional.

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