BIDEN'S IN; DEMAND FOR NILE KINNOCK SPEECHES SKYROCKETS: Everyone's favorite plagiarist is going to take another stab at the Democratic nomination for the presidency. Made me wonder what effect the news had on shares of Biden on tradesports.com, an online futures market. Surprisingly, shares in Biden dropped over six cents on the dollar to 5.8 cents per dollar. Meanwhile, Virginia governor Mark Warner has risen another penny. Though far off Hillary, shares in Warner are second highest in value.

He's got the right qualities for the job: he's a governor, he's from the South, he's a moderate, he's well-spoken, and he's raising a boatload of money. Sounds like Bill Clinton, but without the baggage of scandals. Mark Warner will be the anti-Hillary that moderate Democrats like and liberal Democrats fixated on winning will tolerate. As much as it pains me to say it, I really think this guy is going to be our 44th president.

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