ANCHORS REVEALED: I'm at Borders yesterday drinking a coffee while looking at the magazines when I find it sticking out like a sore thumb: Radar, with President Bush placing a medal on Paris Hilton (the picture is digitally altered, of course) on the cover. Always a sucker for the literary mastery that is Radar, I could not resist a moment to flip through the latest issue.

The article of interest this month is the revealing story of TV's dumbest anchors. It's a definite read! Here's a sampling:

Ann Curry's labeled one of TV's dumbest for her awful interviews. This is best shown by Ann Curry's brain teaser she asked an interviewee, "What if [Fidel] Castro never dies?"

Aaron Brown apparently considers himself the face of CNN. Unfortunately for you, Aaron, no one watches CNN, so even if you're the face, nobody would know!

Surprisingly, Linda Vestor wins an award for being less dumb than one (including me!) would think. Vestor is a Fulbright scholar who speaks Farsi. She only plays dumb on TV.

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