O'REILLY? OH MY!: Bill O'Reilly has been hit by a lawsuit from his associate producer alleging sexual harassment. This may come as a shock to those out there who perceive O'Reilly as the standard bearer of integrity. After all, he's the man who did numerous exposes about the way teenagers dance these days; he's the man who called for the protest of Pepsi because they had the sinner Ludacris as a spokesman; he's the man who invites porn stars on his show so he can condemn them; he's the man who always asks defense lawyers, "What if it was YOUR daughter who was raped and murdered?"

This lawsuit does not surprise me, though the content of the allegations is shocking. Over the past few years, the O'Reilly Factor has ceased to be a show on politics and is more a show about O'Reilly. Case in point, the Pepsi protest. This is a man who has become infatuated with himself; that his being alleged of committing sexual harassment on his associate producer should not surprise anyone.

The question is where O'Reilly will go from here. Surely, he will call for a protest of his sponsors since they sponsor a man who allegedly commits adultery and sexually harasses young women, among other allegations. Of course, he will also start asking himself "What if it was YOUR daughter who was sexually harassed?"

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