SHOW YOURSELF: Somebody under the pseudonym "Anonymous" had this to say in the comments section to the recent Michael Moore post:

I'm only anonymous because I didn't have time to fill out the registration form today.The previous comment is ludicrous. Michael Moore is an entertainer, similar to Andy Kaufman, no more, no less. He has turned his ODD into a marketable syndrome (read: can stay fat and unshaven and doesn't have to really work), but he doesn't believe anything. Don't let his socialist-Blame-America-first rhetoric lull you into mistakingly believing he agrees with you -he's using his capacity for deception to make lots of money and afford his daily fix of do-nuts and milk shakes by amusing the slack-jawed, faux-cynical Beevis and Butt-head wannabes out there.

Sarge, is that you?

Why are people so infatuated with making PEOPLE into enemies? If you hate Michael Moore's movies, dismiss their rhetoric or vague innuendos. But unless you have seen the movie, you can't criticize specifics. Why don't you spend your time thinking about "My Pet Goat" or what Bush's seven minutes of waiting would mean to the average person? Don't demonize a person, demonize policies.
Hey, Jackass: What policy did you just criticize? Seems to me that you just criticized Mr. Bush - the person.

Apparently one of your young, conservative brothers-in-arms told a crowd at a Club for Growth party this week that Bush "spends like Carter and panders like Clinton," The New Republic reports.

It looks like he's not alone, judging from Tucker Carlson's column in Esquire this month.

Anyway, Franklin Foer's latest in TNR should give you something to think about:


P.S. Sorry I don't have anything to add to the Michael Moore banter - I find the discussion about anti-Bush conservatives much more fascinating.
From what I can tell, the Foer article explains that economics-first conservatives dislike Bush's spending, isolationsit-conservatives dislike his foreign policy. Aside from strong single-issue conservatives, is there any real proof that mainstream Republican conservatives really dislike the TOTALITY of Bush's policies?
NO, it isn't Sarge. I wanted Elkabong, but apparently someone had already taken it!
ETA in Richmond, VA
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