LADY, IN MY HEART YOU'RE DEFINITELY A FULL CUP: Last spring, I had the honor of interning in Washington, DC. Fun stuff, right? When I look back on the experience, it's not the job I miss most, nor the lifestyle of DC; it's the friends I made there. Topping the list of them is roommate Ryan Womack. He always had one million brilliant things to say. Needless to say, I learned a lot from the guy.

We may have moved away - he at the University of Tennessee, I at the University of Iowa. But despite the distance, he's still teaching me. Case in point, the Full Cup Theory, developed by Ryan and Ryan's friend Brad.

The Full Cup Theory breaks down women into four distinct categories: the Empty Cup, the 1/2 Cup, the 3/4 Cup, and the Full Cup. The Empty Cup? Well, she's all used up and done. The Full Cup? That's marriage potential:

The Full Cup is a woman worth marrying. She possesses all the qualities of a great wife and a great human being. When you get a Full Cup, you don’t spill it, you don’t set it down and you DEFINITELY don’t let your friends hold it while you go to the bathroom. You nurse it for all that it’s worth and you procure it for the future. This said, a Full Cup is not necessarily THE one to marry. Sometimes, things beyond our control take cups away from us such as cracks, the beverage going stale, and friends stealing your cup and running. Chances are, we’ve all had Full Cups come into our lives. Brad and Ryan have each had a few and they’ve both failed miserably. In spite of this, they’re not giving up and they’re working day and night to correct it! Learn from your mistakes and don’t let that Full Cup out of your hand again.

Their site is definitely worth the read. It's definitely enlightened me.

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