KERRY LOSING COOL: William Kristol, one of the best in the business, hit the nail on the head with his latest column for the Weekly Standard, in which he opined on John Kerry's disturbing actions this past week after Prime Minister Allawi's trip to the United States to thank us for liberating he and the other millions in Iraq.

What would happen if, God forbid, Kerry is elected president? Kristol explains:

There is some chance, after all, that John Kerry will be president in four months. If so, what kind of situation will he have created for himself? France will smile on him, but provide no troops. Those allies that have provided troops, from Britain and Poland and Australia and Japan and elsewhere, will likely recall how Kerry sneered at them, calling them "the coerced and the bribed." The leader of the government in Iraq, upon whom the success of John Kerry's Iraq policy will depend, will have been weakened before his enemies and ours--and will also remember the insult. Is this really how Kerry wants to go down in history: Willing to say anything to try to get elected, no matter what the damage to the people of Iraq, to American interests, and even to himself?

Bingo. Kerry says that because of President Bush, we have no allies and are a disliked around the world, but then says that those countries that have helped liberate Iraq (Countries like Great Britain, South Korea, Poland, Italy, Australia, India, and the list goes on and on....) comprise a "coalition of the coerced and the bribed." Prime Minister Allawi has risked his life to help a new, free Iraq stabilize, but then Kerry's campaign calls him a puppet of the Bush Administration.

Kerry's vitriol is only hurting his chance of winning the presidency. That probably explains why the latest polls show him losing every state Gore lost in 2000, and in addition losing Iowa, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Maine, Oregon, and a strong chance to lose Pennsylvania and Minnesota, all of which were won by Gore in 2000.

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