JON'S ON IT: Thanks go out to my friend Jon, who sent this email my way yesterday:

I’ve been perpetually perplexed about one thing regarding the vehement outcry by the left against the war with Iraq. If I’m not mistaken (and indeed I am not) Bill Clinton bombed Iraq in 1998 for failing to comply with UN stipulations regarding their weapons programs. Where was the outcry when this was taking place? There’s a link below to the transcript of his remarks to the American people on the night of the initial bombings. I thought it might be interesting for you to read those and put the current situation in an interesting perspective.


Jon got it exactly right. When President Clinton bombed Iraq mere days before the impeachment vote, he said the same things that President Bush has said all along, that we attack Saddam Hussein for our own national security, that Saddam is a gathering threat whom we cannot allow to have chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons, and who has in the past used these weapons against Israel, Iran, and the Kurds in Iraq.

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