DEBUNKING LIBERAL MYTHS: The Daily Iowan has moved my columns to every-other-Wednesday. Today is the first of the Wednesday columns. In this column, I debunk a few of those nasty liberal myths. I say "few" because it would take one million conservatives one million years on one million typewriters to touch on them all (the original draft of this column was 200 words beyond the limit of 700, so I wasn't even able to hit on everything I wish to hit). Here's a taste of the column:

First and foremost, President Bush did not "steal" the 2000 election. One may call the Electoral College a flawed system, but Al Gore's campaign certainly did not think so. In the days preceding the election, when polls showed Bush winning the popular majority and Gore winning the electoral majority, the Gore campaign made it very clear through press releases that the winner of the electoral majority wins the election and that the Republicans better not be sore losers should Gore win the electoral vote without the popular majority. Ironically, Gore's campaign changed its mind after the election, when it tried converting Bush's electoral voters by using the same argument it had warned the Republicans not to use.

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