SITE UPDATE: As you probably noticed, Hawkeye Republican has not been updated in a week. My brother married in Milwaukee this past weekend, and after that I moved into my apartment in Iowa City. Now that things have settled down, updates should be on the way. Keep checking this site for updates.

Also, Profile of the Week will be changed to a less regular basis, probably on a monthly basis. Having a new profile every week just seems like overkill. But that may change over time.

In the meantime, check out this blog by a former lover of John Kerry. Who should be most embarrassed by this site? John Kerry, for having dated such a bimbo? The woman, for coming off as such a bimbo? Or Harvard, for allowing such a bimbo into one of its graduate schools? My vote goes to Harvard.

But in all seriousness, definitely check out her blog. I haven't had this good of a laugh in quite a while. And while it's funny, it's also a bit creepy when she mentions how she and Kerry had secret names for each other, and when she refers to an eating disorder during her relationship with Kerry.

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