PROFILE OF THE WEEK: This week's (belated) Profile of the Week goes to Washington Times reporter Bill Sammon for his book, Misunderestimated: The President Battles Terrorism, John Kerry, and the Bush Haters.

This book by Mr. Sammon has been a great read as I complete the summer. Chapter-by-Chapter, Mr. Sammon analyzes the various critics of our President and he disseminates their arguments. Mr. Sammon finds a way to point out blatant hypocrisies by other politicians and ideological biases by the media.

Sammon blasts the media for its obsession with Vietnam, including members in the media comparing the Iraq war to Vietnam - two full weeks before the initial bombings in Iraq. He grills treasonous reporters like Peter Arnett, formerly of NBC and CNN, who gleefully said that if he were to discover information in Iraq that could save numerous American soldiers, he would refuse to pass the information to U.S. authorities, or CNN, which overlooked Baathist torture and murder in order to secure a news center near Baghdad Bob and the Saddam regime. Sammon also points out the numerous errors by such newspapers as the New York Times, which publishes misquotes of Bush officials on the front page, then buries its corrections deep in the paper.

By far, the best chapter of the book is the chapter dedicated to the Dan Rather kissfest of Saddam Hussein. Rather gives more concessions to Hussein than he has for our Presidents. For example, Rather allowed Baathists to film and edit the interview, something he never has even considered in interviewing an American official. Periodically throughout the interview, Sammon cuts from the Rather-Hussein kissfest to point out the major fallacies by both, including Saddam's critique of America's record on human rights, while his government has gassed its opponents, tortured his people, raped hundreds, killed thousands, and repressed anyone who dare speak against it, which Rather never mentions.

Next time you're at Borders, give this book a look. For his excellent writing, Bill Sammon is this week's Profile of the Week.

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