PLEASANT SURPRISE: What a nice surprise to see that there is an audience for this page, if only a small one. Today, I received this gem of a message:

Mr. Hawkeye Republican is tired from his greedy capitalist pursuits this weekend, and thus can not be relied upon to be accountable to his readers for "profile of the week." Who's it going to be this week? Bill Janklow? Ahnold? Muhammad Nareem Noor Khan?

If I were truly following greedy capitalist pursuits, I wouldn't have spent my money at a casino, where everyone knows the odds are stacked against the bettor. A truly greedy capitalist pursuit would be something along the lines of producing a slanted movie filled with half-truths, cut-and-snip interviews, and misleading insinuations, only to charge even the poor $9.50 to watch it. In a way, since gambling is pretty much a sure way to lose money, you could even consider my friends and me altruistic, since we drove six hours to give our money to poorer people via the Blackjack table.

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