IN PRINT: You can check out my first column of the fall for the Daily Iowan on the DI website. The column explores how if John F. Kennedy were alive today, he's support George W. Bush. Here's a sampling of the column:

When speaking on freedom, Kennedy affirmed that "we stand for freedom. That is our conviction for ourselves; that is our only commitment to others." Bush believes that freedom is God's gift to the world and that all humans, not just those in Europe or North America, deserve to be free. Since 2001, we have bestowed freedom to tens of millions of people in Iraq and Afghanistan. Those who, two years ago, would have been tortured for dissent can now freely speak their minds. In Afghanistan, women who previously lived shamefully under cloaks now are treated more equally. In this summer's Olympics, the Iraqi athletes competed without fear of torture at the hands of Uday Hussein, who tortured his athletes as a form of motivation.

In both countries, people are able to educate themselves and even freely practice the religion of their choice. If Kerry - a man who described himself as an antiwar candidate - had his way, we still would not have liberated Iraq. Rather, we'd be debating it in the United Nations. And consider the fact that Kerry had said he would reinstate Jean-Bertrand Aristide to power in Haiti. The Haitians rose up together to force Aristide out of power - after all, he was a dictator who rigged elections to maintain his grip on power.

I'm interested to see how rank-and-file liberals in Iowa City who adore the legend of Camelot will react to this argument.

-the "cloaks" you refer to are called burqas

-say it with me now: Iraq and Afghanistan. Repeat. Don't discuss our military casualties, financial costs, or the Bush doctrine of pre-emptive strike. Or the fact that these two countries are not the worst of the offenders--which brings me to my next point...

-Pakistan...do we want "warmed relations" with Pakistan? They are not exactly a beacon of human rights.

-why don't you analyze the tax cuts of both candidates? To argue that Kerry's plan doesn't give equal amounts to all citizens is to argue for a flat tax. Should we go back to regressive taxes?

-finally, stop using cliched and ridiculous terms like "Qaeda thugs" and "rank-and-file liberal." Use real words that mean something, rather than trying to incite people's emotions. Discuss facts.

-one more: why bother spending time and influence on comparisons between John Kerry and John Kennedy? Why not talk about what the latest census has to say, or even what you think of the protestors in New York? I don't care if it is partisan, just make it important and stop wasting your breath.
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