I'M NOT ALONE: Judging by the response in the Des Moines Register's Sunday edition, I'm not alone in my disgust over Tom Harkin's latest meltdown. Two statements in these letters particularly stand out to me:

Tom O'Brien of Urbandale, Iowa, said, "It is difficult to just say, 'Well, there he goes again,' because Harkin has been a real leader down the path to the negative style we see in politics today. In a room full of fabricators, he stands alone."

Stu Bassman of Clive, Iowa, appropriately affixes the blame on we Iowans, saying, "Harkin has repeatedly proven that he doesn't embarrass. It is the citizenry of Iowa who are the embarrassed ones. We are responsible for Harkin being voted to a position of responsibility (or lack thereof) and quite often a position where the media are eager to broadcast his ravings."

We should have gotten rid of this blowhard in 2002 when he exploded at Paul Wellstone's funeral, screaming "Get on the bus!" and "SAY YES!" while ripping off his suit jacket like he's at a WWE event. Every time Iowa reelects this man, we only condone his outbursts.

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