GOLDEN NEWS FROM THE GOLDEN STATE: The pundits claim that nineteen battleground states will determine this election. They say that if Kerry grabs states like Ohio and Florida, he wins. But what if California goes to Bush? The idea normally would seem absurd, but the latest poll shows Bush comfortably within the margin of error of Kerry in California. Not only that, but since July 26, the President has slashed a twelve point deficit in the Golden State. This same poll shows Bill Jones neck-and-neck with incumbent Senator (and wildly liberal) Barbara Boxer. With Arnold Schwarzenegger, a governor popular across party lines, speaking at the Republican National Convention and stumping across California for Bush and for Jones, anything is possible!

At the very least, putting California in competition will force Kerry to spend valuable time and resources in California (and thus away from other crucial states), in a state that normally is a double-digit cake walk to Democrats.

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