DOUBLE DOSE OF DISTURBING DEVELOPMENTS: This morning, the headlines very clearly show us that the Democrats are not going to tolerate competition on the Presidential ballot nor any dissent against John Kerry's record.

They will not tolerate competition, in that Ralph Nader will not be allowed on the ballots in Maryland, Illinois, Virginia, and Missouri. Rather than rendering the Nader campaign irrelevant by taking up the issues that Nader stands for, the Democratic Party would rather bog down the Nader campaign in endless lawsuits to prevent him from appearing on the ballot.

They will not tolerate any dissent against Vietnam veteran John Kerry in that the Kerry campaign has petitioned the FEC to have the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth ads silenced. This, of course, comes along with the Kerry campaigns threats to any TV station that airs the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth ads.

Why is it that the same party that claims to be for openness and freedom for the little guy is the same one that is engaging in Politburo-style tactics to silence its competition and its critics?

Where's the ACLU on these issues? For a organization bent on preserving civil liberties, they're awfully silent when it comes to liberals stifling opposition. Oh well, the ACLU is probably too busy suing a small town in Anywhere, USA, for having a nativity scene at city hall during Christmas or accosting a small town judge for having a Bible in his office. But that's another blog entry for another day.

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