Welcome:  Welcome to my Blog entitled Hawkeye Republican.  Welcome, also, to the first entry in what will hopefully be many entries.
One may wonder what is the point to yet another anonymous blog in the vast world of the internet?  At times, I wonder the same thing myself.  But here we are in 2004, with the stakes higher than they have been in decades.  The polls show a dead heat between Senator Kerry and President Bush.  On top of this, the partisan arguments have been more vitriolic than ever.
I just cannot allow myself to sit back and watch and hear the arguments from the left without an outlet to respond, perhaps vent.  Granted, I may be speaking to an audience of few, but it's fine.
The current Presidential election is the most critical of our lifetime.  Not since 1968 have we had a close election between two men espousing grossly different futures for America.  It's a referendum on the Bush Doctrine of attacking those states that aid terrorists; it's a question between who better can make the best decisions for a person - himself, or the government; it's a question on whether our schools should be challenged to improve and to meet tough standards.
With that said, thanks for stopping in, and keep checking for updates.  Expect rapid updates and changes as Hawkeye Republican gets its feet off the ground.

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