PROFILE OF THE WEEK: This Sunday commences what should be a regular event for Hawkeye Republican: Profile of the Week. Each week, this site will profile one person who is highly admired by the author of this site. As such, the person will typically excel in fields valued by the author - often times, business and politics, though it will not be limited to such.

With that said, this week's (and the first ever) Profile of the Week is Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

A graduate of the Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School, Romney first made a name for himself, not to mention considerable wealth for himself, as an executive brought in to turn around struggling businesses. In doing so, he made the businesses more efficient and provide better products for the public. What a man of the people.

The best example of this is the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics, which he headed. According to the Weekly Standard, the Salt Lake City Games were $379 million in debt upon Romney arrival. When all was said and done, these games had turned a $40 million profit - this for an event widely suspected to be a terrorist target.

He received a $275,000 salary per year for the Olympic games, assuming they run a profit. They did, so Romney took his compensation, then promptly gave it to charity. Unlike many liberal politicians, who order Americans to give to others against their will through taxing-and-spending and then take credit for the program, Romney willingly gave hundreds of thousands out of his own goodwill but said little about it.

As a citizen of Massachusetts, Romney has called on John Kerry to do the people of Massachusetts a favor and resign his senate seat so he can concentrate on his Presidential campaign and someone committed solely to serving Massachusetts can act in the Senate. In doing so, Romney has taken a courageous stand on behalf of his state.

Governor Romney works every day for the conservative movement in what is arguably the most liberal state in the country. He battles a state senate of 33 Democrats and 7 Republicans, and a state house of 138 Democrats and 22 Republicans. Yet Governor Romney pushes for such Republicans ideals such as preserving the 5,000 year definition of marriage as being between one man and one woman.

There is already talk of a 2008 bid for President by Governor Romney. While he still hasn't won the heart of this site, which holds allegiance to Condoleezza Rice - after all, this author had the thrill of personally asking Condi if she would consider a run in 2008 - Hawkeye Republican supports Governor Romney and is proud to make him the site's inaugural "Profile of the Week."

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