NEWSWEAK:  In the July 12, 2004, issue of Newsweek, columnist Anna Quindlen wrote of Vice-President Cheney's comment to Senator Patrick Leahy:

"If the vice president of the country feels comfortable - nay, exultant - about using the word on the Senate floor, can the vice president of the student council be far behind?  I can't wait for the principal's reaction the first time a smart teenage uses the Cheney defense verbatim[.]"

"One interesting aspect of this presidential race is that by traditional standards, Kerry has the masculinity factor sewn up; an inveterate jock and a war hero trumps a former cheerleader and a stay-at-home guardsman."

My letter to Newsweek, which, of course, was not printed:

"Sadly, Anna Quindlen’s latest column, 'A Foul Mouth and Manhood,' is so filled with vitriol toward the Bush White House that she cannot identify the fallacies of her arguments.

As is often said, actions speak louder than words.  With that said, Quindlen ought be less worried about Vice-President Cheney telling Senator Leahy to perform an obscene act on himself, and should have been more critical when former President Clinton acted out similarly obscene acts in the Oval Office with a starry-eyed intern.

Quindlen worries about a student council Vice-President following Cheney’s judgment and uses equally foul language; why did she not worry about a student council Vice-President following Clinton’s judgment and coercing a girl less than half his age to perform oral sex on him?

Quindlen gives the liberals free passes, just like later in her column when she chastises our President as a “stay-at-home guardsman,” but never criticizes Clinton for dodging the draft, and later calls our President the “anti-intellectual C student,” though he actually had a higher GPA at Yale than Al Gore had at Harvard.

Ms. Quindlen, you have a wonderful opportunity to influence millions – please don’t squander it with petty hypocrisy."

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